Hi, a little introduction is on it’s place!

My name is Levi and I live in Antwerp, Belgium where I also studied electrical engineering at the University of Antwerp. During my education I got really excited about digital design with a big side interest in telecommunication, signal processing and low-level embedded system design. This interest gave me the idea in my last year to perform my thesis for a major semiconductor company. So during the year 2018 – 2019, I’ve performed my thesis at ARM in Lund, Sweden. Here I’ve performed research on High-Level Synthesis at the Multimedia and Processing Group (MPG) which creates the ARM Mali GPUs. After my “Swedish adventure” I started as an ASIC/FPGA Design and Validation Engineer for the Fixed Network Group at Nokia in Antwerp, Belgium.

Since the beginning of my education I started to do hardware design in my spare time, just because I really enjoyed it! If you do this as a hobby for a couple of years you start building up a large IP-database and I thought by myself why not sharing this knowledge and hopefully help some people!If you have any comments on the articles, please be free to comment. I will try to do my best to answer all your questions. If you have suggestions about the site or something you would really like to see a tutorial about, please contact me via the contact page.

All the code on this site is free to download and modify. If you want to re-host content please contact me for my permission. If you use my code on a certain site please give me a shout-out, thank you very much!

You can find my database of small handy IPs on Github via the following link.

Enjoy reading 🙂 !